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C.H. Sanders, PLLC is a national provider for personal and business accounting services. We take on in-person clients local to Conway, Arkansas, as well remote clients from across the country. Our thousands of satisfied, longtime customers trust us with their personal tax, payroll, and bookkeeping needs. Filing personal or business taxes can be a source of confusion and stress for many people, but not when you work with C.H. Sanders CPA Conway AR. We provide neighborly, professional customer service to ensure you understand each step of our process. Our decades of experience with the ins and outs of accounting ensure you’ll receive the biggest possible return on your personal or business taxes.

For our clients who own and operate their own businesses, we provide comprehensive tax, payroll, and bookkeeping services. We know that creating a business plan, working with clients, and managing products and services take time and effort on your end– leave the bookkeeping to us! As a local and national CPA, C.H. Sanders, PLLC will keep your business expenses, profits, and deductions during tax season and all year long. Our accurate, straightforward bookkeeping services are easy to manage so you always know where your business stands financially with one click. Our streamlined payroll services ensure all of your employees are paid correctly and paid on time. From a neighborhood child care center to a national finance firm, C.H. Sanders, PLLC will take care of your business records so you can take care of your business.

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Let Us Take The Burden Off Of You


At C.H. Sanders, PLLC we work for you. We will not just enter your information into our computer software and accept the given results. We will talk to you, ask questions and analyze your tax situation in order to ensure your tax burden is minimized. We stay up to date on the current tax laws in order to ensure you file an accurate and dependable tax return.


Knowing where your business stands in relation to profit or loss is a vital component of operating a business today. Many companies think they can save money by purchasing a bookkeeping computer program and trying to keep up with the profit/loss by themselves. This often leads to the owner of the business having to take time away from operating and growing the business to enter the bookkeeping information. Let us take the burden off of you so that you can focus on growing your business.


Payroll can be another time consuming burden. Errors in payroll preparation can also add unneeded stress to a business in the form of late fees, interest and penalties. C.H. Sanders, PLLC is equipped to handle these stresses and help ensure your payroll is accurate. We can also set up arrangements to make sure your payroll tax obligations are paid on time. Whether you have one employee or hundreds of employees, we can take care of it for you. We can send you to check stubs to hand out with the checks to your employees or we can cut the actual checks. Whatever your payroll needs are, we can help streamline your process.

Professional Arkansas Tax Service

Whether you need assistance with personal  or business tax returns, working with C.H. Sanders, PLLC will enhance your experience and your return! Tax season can be stressful. Many people try to minimize costs by filing online or with a competitor. Filing yourself online can seem straightforward at first, but often requires more time and effort than anticipated. In addition, many tax services will simply enter your information into existing computer software and accept the first result. Both options are unlikely to get you the biggest return for your Arkansas income tax! If you want to file a prompt, accurate, hassle-free tax return, C.H. Sanders, PLLC is here to help.

Our decades of working in the Arkansas tax service business ensure we have ample experience with tax procedures. C.H. Sanders, PLLC also works tirelessly to stay up to date on recent changes in tax laws. This knowledge ensures your tax return will be filed accurately every single time.

Your tax situation is personal– and your filing experience should be, too! When you step into our office or meet us in an online consultation, we’ll take the time to get to know your specific tax situation. We’ll look over your documents and ask questions. This will help us analyze your situation to find any opportunities to minimize your tax burden. Filling in the relevant boxes is only the first step. A high-level professional tax service helps you find hidden opportunities to increase your return you may not have found on your own.

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What To Ask When Hiring A CPA

Do you have a Preparer Tax Identification Number?

Are you or your firm licensed to practice in the state of Arkansas?

What software do you use to complete tax returns?

What degrees, certifications or training do you have?

What experience do you have working with my industry?

What is your pricing structure and what is incuded?

Bookkeeping Services Your Business Can Count On

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Running your business takes a lot of work! That’s why C.H. Sanders, PLLC offers our comprehensive bookkeeping services. We’ll give you the software tools, data entry service, and targeted customer support to keep track of every last detail of your growing business. Let us enter the data and run the numbers so that you can focus on growing and improving your business. 

Many small business owners wonder if they can save a few dollars by using a computer program to do their own bookkeeping. In reality, entering all of your bookkeeping data by hand is more hassle than you might expect. Filing receipts, tracking sales, managing timesheets, and entering all this data yourself takes a lot of time! This means valuable time away from planning, operating, and growing your business. At C.H. Sanders, PLLC, we want you to be able to focus on your goals for your business and your customers.

Trust us, the investment you make in our bookkeeping services will be well worth it! You’ll be able to spend that time and effort on what really matters– improving your goods or services and building relationships with your community of customers.


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Leave Your Payroll Tasks To Us

Let C.H. Sanders, PLLC help you take care of payroll! Managing payroll tasks is crucial, but it’s also complicated. As a business owner, you’re responsible for processing payrolls, payroll taxes, tracking W-2’s and 1099’s, tracking time, and much more. Let us take care of payroll. You can rest assured it will be streamlined, prompt, and accurate every time.

Errors in payroll preparation can be a hassle. Any mistake can result in late fees, interest, or other penalties. Trying to track payroll yourself can cause stress and increase your risk of error. Leave payroll services to C.H. Sanders, PLLC so you can focus on training and supporting your employees. We’re equipped to provide a high level of accuracy and quality assurance.

We offer proprietary payroll service solutions to automate your payroll processes! Using our unique software, we can easily set up automatic payments to ensure your payroll tax obligations are always paid on time. In addition, we offer three options for payroll. We can either send you check stubs by mail to attach to your employees’ pay, cut the checks for you, or set up direct deposit.

Whether your business has one employee or one hundred, having an efficient and streamlined process for payroll is crucial. Your employees keep your business running smoothly, so let C.H. Sanders PLLC keep their payroll running smoothly! Our automated services for payroll, tax obligations, and time sheets ensure nothing gets overlooked or lost. No matter your payroll service needs, we’ll find a solution that works for you.


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Recent Tax Return

Income Statements

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Proof of All Expences

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